Tongue 't&[ng]

3:power of communication thru speech 4a:LANGUAGE b: manner / qual. of utterance w/ re:2 tone / sound, sense of what's expressed / speaker's intent. c:ecstatic usually unintelligible utterance accompanying religious excitation d:cry as if of a hound pursuing 5:tapering flame 7a:movable pin N a buckle b: metal ball suspended inside bell d:flap under lacing / buckles of shoe@throat of vamp 8a:rib on 1 edge of board that fits N2A corresponding groove N an edge of another board2make a flush joint

Monday, October 21, 2013

NOT So Fresh and So Clean

  • Completely cleans hair without water
  • Absolutely no rinsing is required
  • Just apply, massage into hair, towel dry, and style
  • Hospital tested and approved
  • The ingredients in No Rinse Shampoo produce a cleansing action that leaves hair fresh, clean and odor free

No-Rinse Shampoo ingredients: Water, triethanolamine lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, cocoamide DEA, fragrance, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, citric acid.

HIGH concerns: Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)Other MODERATE concerns: Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)

Possible human carcinogenCalifornia EPA (California Environmental Protection Agency)
Limited evidence of carcinogenicityWorld Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer
Cancer - limited evidenceUS EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs
Human skin toxicant or allergen - strong evidence National Library of Medicine
Known human toxicant or allergen
Human skin toxicant or allergen - strong evidenceCosmetic Ingredient Review Assessments
Human skin toxicant or allergen - strong evidence
Human toxicant or allergen - strong evidenceDe Groot AC

Often used as a pesticide in the cotton industry, and to kill microbes for cosmetics.... May cause skin irritation (as all preservatives can to some degree). [Winter pg 197]. 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Girl Model

"blaming beautiful women for their own troubles is our default position. It makes us feel better about our own flawed bodies to be snarky and assume they just need to eat a sandwich, or decide that teen models, like child pageant stars, are all some freakish manifestation of bad mothering and too much reality television. Girl Model is a stark reminder of our own complicity in the global phenomenon of modeling. After all, girls like Nadya wouldn't be for sale if we stopped buying."

[Chris Elliot - "Get a Life"]
"Look at this face, what do you see?
Look at it Dad, what do you see?
What do you see? Say it, say it!"
'Uhh ayuahh it's a face!'
"Yeah but what kind of face?"
'Uhh, pale.. pasty.. psychotic'
"No Dad!
It's a neatly chiseled, well groomed, drop dead handsome face!" 
Oh my God, they're gorgeous!

Scout Ashley exhibits nothing short of full on Stockholm Syndrome as she openly admits that the fashion industry is based on “nothing.” She looks at the camera with dull eyes as she shares her own bouts of depression when she was a young teenager floating in the Japanese market. Her forced smiles and shifty gazes punctuate stories of young models turned prostitutes as she is forthcoming about the conditions she inducts these young girls into. Her boss, the head of Switch Models, is in 40s and when she tells the camera that he likes young girls — the moment is ambiguously uncomfortable. Cut to the same man showing  Ashley photos on his laptop of a rising star in his agency — a 12-year-old girl in thigh-high stockings and high heels photographed in black and white. She nods and smiles at the photographs approvingly.

Tigran Khachatrian, explains what he thinks is special about 12- and 13-year-old girls: they have "dignity,"

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Susan McClary on Beethoven's 9th or A Clockwork Orange RAW

I insist I did not invent McClary or any of her ravings. Honest to God. Some Femigogues just happen to sound like satire when you quote them verbatim. As for the female masterpieces set against old Ludwig, they only appear inferior, the Feminist revisionists say, because all of us have had our perceptions warped by the “patriarchal brainwashing” of our “phallocentric” culture. (“All of us” includies many female art critics, like Camille Paglia, who angrily claims this argument has crossed the line to an idiot caricature of Feminism) Maybe we all need a long de-programming at a Feminist re-education camp. Then we will realize that Hildegarde of Bingen not only outclassed Beethoven but wrote more first-rate music than Mozart, Bach and Scott Joplin together, and without any rape fantasies creeping in.

She goes on to conclude that "The Ninth Symphony is probably our most compelling articulation in music of the contradictory impulses that have organized patriarchal culture since the Enlightenment" (129). 

McClary suggests that sonata form may be interpreted as sexist ormisogynistic and imperialistic, and that, "tonality itself - with its process of instilling expectations and subsequently withholding promised fulfillment until climax - is the principal musical means during the period from 1600 to 1900 for arousing and channeling desire." 
"What is remarkable about this movement is that Schubert conceives of and executes a musical narrative that does not enact the more standard model in which a self strives to define identity through the consolidation of ego a Beethovian world such a passage would sound vulnerable, its tonal identity not safely anchored; and its ambiguity would probably precipitate a crisis, thereby justifying the violence needed to put things right again."

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Commodites Trading

Birth Certificate is a Bond traded on the Securities Exchange
"To be more specific, a second "negotiable instrument" is drawn on the value of the first that is held by the state, which is then bought and so "accepted for value" and then held by the Depository Trust Corporation"

"The original birth or naturalization record for every U.S. Citizen is on file in the official records in Washington, D.C. (you get to keep a copy!) and the property and assets of every living U.S. Citizen is pledged as collateral for the National Debt!"

The United States Remains a British Colony
"But, banksters being banksters, they wanted the whole enchilada. The British instigated for War through kidnapping American sailors and impressing them into the British Navy. The War of 1812 had begun."

Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Concord John Komba

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Owls have coffee and internet! (Spiders are not just for decoration, they provide connection)." Vlad Gerasimov

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER RADIO: episode 103 "memories part II"

SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER RADIO: episode 103 "memories part II": HOUNDSds - Anonymity - 7" (2012) Stray Dogg - Ugly Morning - Fire's Never Wrong (2012) Goat - Diarabi - World Music (2012) Trash - Liv...

Saturday, November 03, 2012

SLT Corruption

FBI wants citizens to report government fraud 
"Gina Swankie, the FBI spokeswoman for the Lake Tahoe area who is based in Sacramento, said “people don’t know where to report things they observe....”
"South Lake Tahoe - it is a real dump -- what not to become. Avoid this place - don't support political corruption"

"Long said to Lake Tahoe News. “I think it would be better to get rid of the city.... Long should know all of this because when he was on the South Lake Tahoe City Council he was the city’s rep to LAFCo.
"Perhaps you should run a story on the misconduct of slednet and the on going internal investigation that local prosecuters are attempting to sweep under the rug. The victimization of women in our community begins where you’d never think to look."
Victim in South Tahoe fight dies; no arrests ever made

Our Tax Dollars at Work
 "A volunteer from a local church was tasked with driving Katello to a couple places in South Lake Tahoe. When he drove into the Barton Memorial Hospital area, where Katello said he had to meet someone, Katello took off on foot.

Sheriff’s deputies, South Lake Tahoe SWAT, a CHP airplane and K-9 units searched the meadow area behind Barton, where Katello was reportedly last seen, for hours, Van Arnum said.
Katello was in custody for spousal battery and making terrorist threats."

"The ATF had the nerve to serve him his termination papers in a Denny’s parking lot in South Lake Tahoe, CA."
"The people of South Lake Tahoe are not stupid and this latest coverup only demonstrates the level of corruption that has come to infect our city council."
– Forget about redevelopment and focus on basic services.
– Hire an outside accounting firm to perform a forensic audit of the city’s finances.
– Stop aggravating tourist with aggressive enforcement of traffic and parking ordinances.
– Stop squandering money on studies, consultants and tourist promotions.
– Stop retiring city officials at 100 percent of their salary.
– Stop hiring new city officials with astronomically high salaries and benefits.
– Stop electing city council members who don’t believe in free markets, personal freedom or private property.
Robert Yetter   So Lake Tahoe
Posted: 06:56 am [PST] on June 11 2011
What you have is a modern day crime syndicate in a star chamber enviroment of corruption. I applaud your efforts and pray for the efforts of ordinary citizens and whistle blowers to remedy the situation.