Tongue 't&[ng]

3:power of communication thru speech 4a:LANGUAGE b: manner / qual. of utterance w/ re:2 tone / sound, sense of what's expressed / speaker's intent. c:ecstatic usually unintelligible utterance accompanying religious excitation d:cry as if of a hound pursuing 5:tapering flame 7a:movable pin N a buckle b: metal ball suspended inside bell d:flap under lacing / buckles of shoe@throat of vamp 8a:rib on 1 edge of board that fits N2A corresponding groove N an edge of another board2make a flush joint

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Johnny Test Diary Gossip

Johnny Test Diary Gossipi♥iChat&!

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Blogger Baaphome said...

way to trick me into finnally making a Bl0gg3r acct.

Blah! GRRRR! bastard won't accept my embed tagz!

4:21 PM  

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