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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Get Your Information Coats Here!      Please visit often....

Only MADE IN FRANCE , be sure to check the label
for C.O.O. (Country of Origin Code)
Note the rarity of such garments; generally only the bottom half of the suit set is available 2nd hand & does not contain/withhold information, unlike our patent-pending coats.


CHANEL BOUTIQUE Black Label short denim skirt

  • Made in France, Fabrique en France label intact
  • Collection 9 - Size 36 - 100% cotton
  • Size: FR 36 - US 6 - GB 8
  • Back zip, metal hook and snap waistband close
  • 24 inch waist - 22 inch length - 5 inch kick pleat
  • classic blue denim


    Spanish Shearling Information Coat

    available w/ detachable hoodAll our information coats are made from sheared Bouvier puppies exclusively bred & groomed @

    All their puppies have their ears cropped, current vaccinations, & health certificates before they go. SLR Kennels is currently accepting deposits for pet and show puppies.

    Our puppies are sired & finished AKC Champions.
SLR Kennels will ship anywhere in the U.S. and internationally. Call for available puppies or future litter information. Coat colors include blacks, fawns, grays and brindles. 

We are Certified Groomers. Show puppy coats are started correctly, stripping and rolling the coat from first grooming. We want our Bouviers to be representative of the very best of the breed as they begin their show career at six months!

    Re: Renaissance Hunting Information Coat (o' fArms)

    Posted by: Edmond Spaeth

    Date: November 22, 2001 at 17:23:01

    In Reply to: Renaissance Hunting Information by Michael Hunting

    The information coat that is in the Hunting Family of America shows a shield with ten "hurts" (circles??) arranged from top to bottom: four, three, two and one. The crest above the shield shows a dexter (right)hand ppr. holding up a shield az. It is supposed to have been granted about the eleventh century due to its simplicity. I do not know the significance of the circles or other symbols. The derivation of the name according to the above mentioned book--referring back to a "Ferguson's English Surnames" states as follows: {" In a roll call of German officers, given by Mameramis, A.D.1550, are the names of Hundt, Huntus, and Hontus. Hence, Hunting being a patronymic form, is still more probably the same as Hundling." The Hundings(Hundingus) are supposed to have been the people of Hundland, which is now a part of Denmark. Again, Ferguson says: "English--Hunting; German--Huntingus; Anglo-Saxon--Huntingus; Locality--Baden" This is the most satisfactory explanation of the origin of the name we have been able to get.} The locality seems contradictory to me, as Denmark is to the north of Germany and Baden is in the southwest region of Germany. However, The Hunting Family in America was written in 1888 by Teunis D. Huntting and I myself have never researched the derivation of the name.

    Simone Continues to Improve information coat color inheritance theory.


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