Tongue 't&[ng]

3:power of communication thru speech 4a:LANGUAGE b: manner / qual. of utterance w/ re:2 tone / sound, sense of what's expressed / speaker's intent. c:ecstatic usually unintelligible utterance accompanying religious excitation d:cry as if of a hound pursuing 5:tapering flame 7a:movable pin N a buckle b: metal ball suspended inside bell d:flap under lacing / buckles of shoe@throat of vamp 8a:rib on 1 edge of board that fits N2A corresponding groove N an edge of another board2make a flush joint

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Felix Culpa

The radicalness of Jung's position, though it has a long history within Christian tradition, involves what the Church calls a felix culpa, a fortunate fall. (3.55)

And it was the feminine principle, Gretel, who never gave up her faith in life, but continuously encouraged her despairing Hansel. When the right moment came, they were alert enough to throw their negativity in the fire and run. But that witch forced the development of their maturity and their recognition of what was of value to them (again, the felix culpa motif). (6.121)

The witch's act here may also be seen positively (a felix culpa) in that she is forcing the girl to wake up. The old life has to die to make way for the new. (5.96)

Monday, October 15, 2012


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Lone Pine




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Inn Star